Laws & Policies

TTFTC promotes fair competition, equal business opportunities, and transparent practices in Trinidad and Tobago.

Key Provisions of the Fair Trading Act

The Fair Trading Act creates an institutional framework for the enforcement of competition policy in Trinidad and Tobago and addresses major issues including:

Specific anti-competitive practices that are prohibited under the Act include resale price maintenance, price-fixing, collusion, cartels and bid rigging.

The Act is of general application. There are however certain sectors where the Act does not apply including:

The Fair Trading Act in Trinidad and Tobago establishes a regulatory framework to address crucial competition issues, such as preventing the abuse of monopoly power, regulating anti-competitive mergers and agreements, and enforcing relevant clauses and measures. The Act prohibits specific anti-competitive practices like resale price maintenance, price-fixing, collusion, cartels, and bid rigging. However, it’s important to note that the Act has some exceptions and does not apply to certain sectors, including the securities industry, telecommunications, banking industry, intellectual property matters, and situations involving professional associations and collective bargaining.